Voting in Local and National Elections

Knowing who to vote for can be a difficult decision, especially when mental health is such an important issue yet one overlooked in political discussions. Having a voice in the political process comes down to knowing about candidates and political parties, what their stance is on issues of importance, and enacting our right to vote.

National Elections

Every national election for the New Zealand government, Awareness surveys political parties about their stance on topical issues in mental health. What do parties’ policy platforms say about health and wellbeing for people in New Zealand? We ask questions around this, and other issues of importance to consumers.

Local Elections

Every three years local elections take place to vote in the Mayor, Council, Community Board and Health Boards around the country. As a Canterbury-based network, Awareness surveys all candidates standing for the Canterbury District Health Board – the governance body that sits above health service provision in our region, to hear candidates views on mental health, addiction, recovery, consumer/community involvement and any other pressing issues for our region.

Political Survey Responses

Canterbury DHB candidates 2016