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14 September Cyclist set to Ride Out of the Blue The Dominion Post
10 Spetember Alcoholic Charlene begins detox
3 News
10 Spetember Media Grants: $16,000 available for journalism projects Scoop
9 May Bullies turn cyberspace into a world of cruelty NZ Herald
9 May Rental crisis could create ‘ghettos’ The Press
9 May Missioner ‘shocked’ by queues The Press
9 May Half of all teens ‘harm themselves’ Stuff
8 May Quake survivor launches book The Press
7 May Rental squeeze hits mental health patients The Press
7 May Your view: What needs to be done to reduce bullying at school? NZ Herald
7 May Martin Robinson: Lifelong harm of school sadists NZ Herald
7 May Couple make documentary about daughter’s bullying case NZ Herald
7 May Bullying at school left mark on victim NZ Herald
7 May Helplines flooded with pleas for help NZ Herald
7 May Suicide link in cyber-bullying NZ Herald
6 May Bullying prevention campaign announced Yahoo News
5 May Marathon: Hard two week run a battle for heart and mind NZ Herald
5 May Parent outrage at Facebook bullying NZ Herald
3 May Silent plague that steals the mind The Aucklander
3 May Stats conceal crisis, say welfare agencies The Press
3 May Mental health DVD in NZ Sign Language Pharmacy Today
2 May End of the golden weather Otago Daily Times
1 May Canterbury parents ‘in trouble’ The Press
1 May New focus on mental health in New Zealand Medical Observer
30 Apr Fresh ideas sought to tackle youth suicide NZ Herald
30 Apr Award for brains behind Kirwan ads Bay of Plenty Times
27 Apr New Psychiatry Research Released Scoop
26 Apr NZ ranks poorly in adolescent mortality and suicide – study Science Media Centre
26 Apr Suicide and crashes drive NZ’s youth death figures NZ Herald
26 Apr Kiwi teens’ death rate second highest in Western World The Dominion Post
25 Apr Hospital smokers out of puff Taranaki Daily News
25 Apr Fresh ideas sought to tackle youth suicide NZ Herald
24 Apr Dunne: latest stats show suicide being reduced Scoop
24 Apr How childhood family income affects adulthood University of Otago
24 Apr Computer game could fight youth depression – research TVNZ
24 Apr Prisons no longer the answer – Workman The Hutt News
24 Apr Young NZ men’s suicide rate highest in OECD TVNZ
24 Apr Suicide rates drop, but still more work to be doneCan Video Games be Successful Besides in Entertainment? NZ Herald
23 Apr Running for a good cause NZ Herald
23 Apr Can Video Games be Successful Besides in Entertainment? The Knickerbocker Ledger
20 Apr E-therapy effective in combatting youth depression Infonews
19 Apr Therapy From a Computer? Daily Rx
19 Apr Film earns acclaim, prompts call for Govt apology Scoop
18 Apr Woman held illegally in mental health unit for a year NZ Herald
17 Apr New schemes save time for nursing staff This Is Plymouth
14 Apr Could cherries be the secret to a good night’s sleep? Voxy
14 Apr Schools’ mental-health drive improves behaviour Stuff
13 Apr Health system failed homeless man Radio NZ
13 Apr Rental shortage: ‘State must step in’ The Press
12 Apr Speech: Dunne – Like Minds, Like Mine Seminar Scoop
12 Apr Suicide: Our national shame? Auckland Now
11 Apr Spying not a solution to bullying Frogblog
10 Apr Why Key’s $65 million more for youth mental health is disingenuous Tumeke blog
10 Apr Call for spyware on kids’ phones NZ Herald
8 Apr Suicide rate huge social problem NZ Herald
8 Apr More nurses for schools SunLive
5 Apr Mental Health Services, Youth—Package Parliament
5 Apr Govt to spend $62m on youth mental health NZ Herald
5 Apr New Online Social Service Consumer Feedback website launched today Scoop
5 Apr Mental Notes film earns critical and community acclaim Voxy
5 Apr Mental health documentary showcases ‘disturbing history’ in NZ Pacific Scoop
5 Apr Woman had 200 shocks after wrong diagnosis Stuff
5 Apr Mental Health Services, Youth—Package Hansard
5 Apr Government youth mental health initiative a significant step Scoop
4 Apr Investment in youth mental health paramount Voxy
4 Apr Concern over mental health among NZ Pasifika youth RNZI
4 Apr Youth mental health system ‘has weaknesses’ – PM NZ Herald
4 Apr Better youth mental health services – Ryall Yahoo News
4 Apr Mental Health Services, Youth—Package Hansard
4 Apr Prime Minister’s youth mental health package is an exemplar of how to use expert advice in policy formation Scoop
3 Apr Mental health workers focus on illness in Pacific communities Te Waha Nui
3 Apr A change of mood towards drugging kids Taranaki Daily News
3 Apr Mental Health Service ‘failed miserably’ Stuff
2 Apr Junk food linked to depression: study NZ Herald
2 Apr ACC gags vocational rehabilitation providers The Press
? Confidential Forum for Former In-Patients of Psychiatric Hospitals The Department of Internal Affairs
1 Apr Top cricketers seek mental health aid NZ Herald
1 Apr Publicity sparks fear among refugees The Press
1 Apr Bhutan leader’s pain at bringing global happiness Rappler
1 Apr The New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine Advocates Spending Less on Health Care…. in the Long-Term Scoop
1 Apr Refugee’s mental trauma may take years to surface The Press
30 Mar 3 surprising things that boost your health Yahoo Lifestyle
28 Mar Alzheimers NZ urges government to recognise ‘National Crisis’ Primary Mental Health
28 Mar NZ-born Pacific youth ‘vulnerable’ to mental health risk – expert TVNZ
28 Mar Study shows mental health risk for Pacific youths Radio Australia News
27 Mar Get the message: ask young people about their media use The Canberra Times
27 Mar Shock at pills for kids Taranaki Daily News
27 Mar Internet and social media harming mental health of children? Griffith University
27 Mar Pacific suicide risk twice as high Voxy
26 Mar Mental health of children – internet, media and technology RANZCP
26 Mar Get The Answers: Keeping cool best prescription for dubious sick leave NZ Herald
26 Mar More kids on mood-stabilising drugs Dominion Post
26 Mar Support for husband’s mental health NZ Woman’s Weekly
26 Mar Editorial: (Prison) Lock ’em up brigades ideas not working Manawatu Standard
26 Mar Mental Health Foundation CEO Judi Clements speaks to Michael Laws about increase in medicated children – Audio RadioLive
26 Mar Has Psychiatry Chosen to Ignore the Hippocratic Oath? Mad in America
25 Mar Schools train up to help prevent youth suicides Sunday Star Times
24 Mar Friendship to grow over a 630-mile run in just 14 days Somerset
24 Mar Recession’s big role in mental-health spike CYC-NET
24 Mar NZ Psychologists prescribing being considered Health Education
22 Mar Christchurch man died after inhaling LPG The Press
22 Mar Japan Earthquake and Tsunami One Year Later — Lingering Impacts and Lessons UCSF
21 Mar Pacific health issues under spotlight Health Pages
21 Mar Sister calls for end to stigma over suicide Stuff
21 Mar Calls to support troubled teens as they age Yahoo News
20 Mar ‘Mental Notes’ documentary movie Voxy
20 Mar ‘Mental Notes’ documentary movie The Big Idea
20 Mar Forum will discuss mental health and addiction services Awareness
20 Mar Australian Mental Health Helpline closed TopNews
20 Mar Pacific health issues under spotlight Pharmacy Today
19 Mar Health Economics – The Canadian Debate (video) ANZMHA
19 Mar Support affects health NZ Ass’n of Gerontology
19 Mar Social agencies fear for city’s homeless The Press
17 Mar Rules changed after patient’s suicide Stuff
15 Mar Universal Psychiatric Screening for NZ Pre-Schoolers Mad In America
15 Mar Crown Entities Reform Bill 2012 Parliamentary Library
15 Mar Auckland Council Supports Neighbours Day Aotearoa Scoop
15 Mar NZ male childhood abuse ‘huge’ Stuff
15 Mar Yoga Improves Mental Health, Says Research Topnews
14 Mar Internet a Vital Connection for People with Mental Illness – Report ANZMHA Blog
14 Mar Problems with non-adherence to antipsychotic medication in Samoan New Zealanders: A literature review Wiley
14 Mar The truth about depression: six people speak out The Guardian
12 Mar Entry call for multimedia stage show that rethinks mental illness Mental Health Foundation
12 Mar Mental health service in crisis Nelson Mail
10 Mar NZ documentary opens cinema showcase National Business Review
9 Mar Are Your Sleeping Pills Doing More Harm Than Good? Scoop
9 Mar New psychiatry research released Scoop
9 Mar The Place of Psychiatric Rehabilitation in New Zealand Communities Community Research
7 Mar Earthquake Study Finds Significant Reduction in Anxiety, Depression and Stress Among Survivors Market Watch
6 Mar Mental Health Issues for Asians in New Zealand: A Literature Review Mental Health Commission
6 Mar Disability and the Law – A New Zealand Perspective Open Justice UK blog
6 Mar Am I pretty? YouTube trend is ‘horrendous’ NZ Herald
5 Mar 5 Ways To Improve Mental Health Crisis Services Bipolar Bear’s blog
3 Mar Peer Support for Mental Health Listener
1 Mar Good beginnings for our children Scoop
1 Mar Child mental health conference shares knowledge Voxy
28 Feb The Casual Schizophrenic Bipolar Bear’s blog
27 Feb Foundation welcomes Tumblr decision to block pro-suicide blogs Infonews
23 Feb The dialectical relationship between work and mental health: part 3 Workers Party NZ
22 Feb Foundation praises extension of suicide helpline Infonews
21 Feb Tough times for the young NZ Herald
21 Feb Re-reading benefits mental health NZ Herald
20 Feb Fears that 35 health sector jobs face axe Hawkes Bay Today
20 Feb Outpatient suicides no longer included in report NZDoctor
20 Feb Jones tells tribal leaders to ‘salvage’ children TVNZ
20 Feb NZ Journal of Psychology Special Issue on Disasters Healthy Christchurch
19 Feb Vic finding balance in Taser decision Sky News
19 Feb My year of living warily The Press
18 Feb Facebook considered to treat youth mental health ABC News
18 Feb Ironman inspired by John Kirwan 3News
18 Feb Youth mental health issues at conference this week RANZCP
18 Feb Welcome to the children of the meth generation Hawkes Bay Today
17 Feb Maiden Speech – Mark Mitchell Scoop
17 Feb Research provides pointers to psychosocial recovery in Christchurch Scoop
17 Feb Report unflattering on NZ social policy Otago Daily Times
16 Feb Prison healthcare shocking – Flavell Voxy
15 Feb Stepped up nursing roles proposed in Mental Health Workforce Review NursingReview
9 Feb “We’re not talking about sexuality” says mental health study GayExpress
9 Feb New approach to care for mental health unit Scoop
4 Feb Mounting cost of coping with mental illness Stuff
3 Feb Quakes send police looking for help Stuff
3 Feb Increased classroom numbers ‘can only succeed on a case-by-case basis’ says Dingle Infonews
2 Feb Petition: Protect Mental Health Patients in New Zealand ForceChange
1 Feb A mental health brief intervention in primary care: Does it work? Journal of Family Practice
1 Feb Doctors urged to admit stress The West Australian
31 Jan Editorial: No time for Facebook bullies Hawke’s Bay Today
31 Jan The Dialectical Relationship between Work and Mental Health: part 2 Workers Party NZ
30 Jan Gambling a gamble on mental health? Health and Ageing Australia
28 Jan Beneficiary bashing targets the sick Libcom
28 Jan Mental health services still need improving Timaru Herald
27 Jan Backyard ventures that nourish the soul NZ Herald
27 Jan Poverty in New Zealand ‘shocking’ Waikato Times
20 Jan Watch for signs of stress, says GP Nelson Mail
18 Jan The Dialectical Relationship between Work and Mental Health (Part 1) Workers Party NZ
18 Jan Dope quadruples in THC strength NZ Herald
18 Jan Emphasis on health targets flawed – NZMA Voxy
18 Jan Determined advocate for mental health issues Southland Times
17 Jan Cuts Hit Patients’ Frontline Services, Claims HSE Topnews
15 Jan Time is right to protest via social media sites NZ Herald
14 Jan Internet addiction shown to be real Manawatu Standard
12 Jan Changes to way mental health is managed Manawatu Standard
10 Jan We’re getting fatter, not fitter Auckland Now
9 Jan 10 surprising things that affect your mood Yahoo UK Lifestyle
6 Jan Depression linked to heart attacks – study NZ Herald
6 Jan A hug a day keeps the trauma away
5 Jan Family feel let down by mental health system Radio NZ
4 Jan Electroconvulsive therapy endures The Dominion Post
3 Jan Chch residents urged to limber up NZ Newswire
2 Jan Cricket: Flintoff reveals strain of leading England NZ Herald
1 Jan Flintoff admits to battle with depression ESPN
1 Jan Record number of prescriptions dished out Fairfax NZ News
1 Jan World cup and quakes cause drop in suicide rate Fairfax NZ News
1 Jan Taking a break from the killer that is stress NZ Herald


28 Dec Diagnosis for 2011: one we will never forget The Press
28 Dec Stressed Chinese fight back – with pillows Reuters
27 Dec Nurse found guilty of misconduct with patientFairfax NZ News
24 Dec Damage from quakes psychological – PM Fairfax NZ
23 Dec 3.18pm Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake
22 Dec Growing success Fairfax NZ
22 Dec Suicide reporting rules changed Fairfax NZ
22 Dec Reporting Suicide: A resource for the media Ministry of Health website
22 Dec Volunteers keep Lifeline open The Marlborough Express
22 Dec The politics of suicide prevention David Webb, On Line Opinion
21 Dec Rape victim told to arrange counselling NZ Herald
20 Dec Mental health is a major health issue for young ‘Asian’ New Zealanders Radio NZ
20 Dec American ‘will be arrested’ for assisting Kiwi suicide’ Auckland Now
20 Dec Euthanasia activist from US helped Kiwi to die NZ Herald
19 Dec Study discovers the ordinary psycho NZ Herald
17 Dec Call for re-think on mental health changes (ECT) ABC News
15 Dec Things To Do, Not Things To Have This Christmas Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
15 Dec Facebook adds suicide prevention tool NZ Herald
14 Dec OECD Report Reveals Growing Mental Health Illnesses in Workplaces TopNews
12 Dec Our jobs are making us sick Scoop
11 Dec Career: Tailor time off to stress levels NZ Herald
8 Dec Casper joins forces with Mike Pero for suicide prevention Voxy
8 Dec Siblings of children with disability need support Scoop
7 Dec Apology in the New Zealand’s Mental Health Law Context: An Enigmatic Juxtaposition? Social Science Research Network
6 Dec Mental health treatment at prisons faces scrutiny The Ithaca Journal
24 Nov (NSW) Mental health policy to be run by those who have fought the battle Sydney Morning Herald
23 Nov Election soapbox: Mental health Stuff
21 Nov Health system threats forecast The Press
20 Nov Suicide in elderly highest in 10 years Sunday Star Times
20 Nov Stressed NCEA students likely to need help Sunday Star Times
19 Nov Growing wealth gap alarms charities The Dominion Post
15 Nov Study Reveals Benefits of Vitamin B for Work-Related Stress Scoop
13 Nov 60% of nurses burn out and quit Sunday Star Times
9 Nov Claim police failed to protect rescued woman Fairfax Media
27 Oct Suicide pact charges ‘barbaric’ The Dominion Post
22 Oct Ex-rugby players suffer from depression, anxiety and stressThe Dominion Post
22 Oct Cigarettes, diamonds missing from red zone The Press
21 Oct Pounamu, mental health records missing after earthquake The Press
19 Oct UN Special Rapporteur on torture calls for the prohibition of solitary confinement Scoop
18 Oct Press conference with Mr. Malcolm Evans, Mr. Claudio Grossman and Mr. Juan Mendez United Nations Webcast
13 Oct Sex offender (Stephen Gilmore a.k.a.Steve McGrath) working as counsellor vexes mother The Press
10 Oct The influence of the internet on suicidal behaviour Scoop
30 Sep Demand for carers soars as anxieties felt The Press
29 Sep Facebook ‘helps mental health’ The Southland Times
29 Sep Murder-suicide likely – police The Press
9 Sep No link suggested in suicides The Dominion Post
8 Sep Facebook link to teen suicide NZ Herald
7 Sep Grief and blame at suicide meeting The Dominion Post
6 Sep TV soap linked to suicide bids NZ Herald
6 Sep Lessons in Kawerau suicides – experts The Dominion Post
5 Sep No mass teen suicide pact – DHB NZ Herald
5 Sep Teen suicide pact fear The Dominion Post
24 Aug Quake stress causing hair loss NZ Herald
24 Aug 10,000 parents seek post-quake help for traumatised children NZ Herald
27 Aug Suicide down but ‘risk still high’ The Press
27 Aug Key pledges action on youth suicide The Dominion Post
26 Aug Suicide rate drops after Chch quake NZ Herald
26 Aug Suicide numbers drop after quake The Press
26 Aug Suicide statistics in spotlight The Dominion Post
26 Aug Suicide statistics released later today NZ Herald
23 Aug Police defend handling of ‘looter’ case The Press
22 Aug Lawyer rubbishes police claims over autistic ‘looter’ NZ Herald
17 Aug NZ’s female youth suicide rate highest in OECD NZ Herald
14 Aug Ministry expresses concern at suicide-prevention group NZ Herald
11 Aug Generation F*cked – How Britain is Eating Its Young Adbusters
10 Aug Social Media Use Can Lead to Mental Health Problems Youth Today
6 Aug Elderly couple lay dead for two days – notice NZ Herald
4 Aug Police ‘obscene’ in Christchurch looter case Stuff
2 Aug Australian media urged to report on suicide NZ Herald
28 Jul Snow delays psych report in looting case The Press
27 Jul Flavell: It’s up to others how they treat suicide NZ Herald
27 Jul App for invisible wounds of war AP
27 Jul Waiariki MP says sorry over suicide comments The Daily Post (Rotorua)
27 Jul MP: Bury youth suicides outside cemetery The Dominion Post
27 Jul Condemn suicides: Maori Party MP Stuff see 20 Jul
24 Jul Insurers ‘turn mental health screws’ Sunday Star Times
23 Jul Jobless young will take lives – Anderton The Press
21 Jul Youth unemployment could lead to suicides – Anderton NZPA
20 Jul Research links pollution to depression NZ Herald
20 Jul Te Ururoa Flavell: Time to say ‘No More’The Daily Post (Rotorua) see 27 Jul
13 Jul Editorial: Diversion scheme undermined Manawatu Standard
12 Jul ‘Hardline’ approach by police on looting story The Press
11 Jul Police investigate TVNZ’s Sunday over looter story Stuff
24 Jun Bipolar stigma returns in court NZ Herald
24 Jun Skylight Earthquake Resource Awarded Scoop
22 Jun Mental health staff issues to be sorted Newstalk ZB
22 Jun Canterbury workers experience post traumatic stress Yahoo News
21 Jun ‘Horrendous’ workplace bullying in Christchurch NZ Herald
21 Jun 10.34pm Magnitude 5.4 earthquake
17 Jun Mental health takes big hit from quakes The Press
13 Jun 2.20pm Magnitude 6.3 earthquake
8 Jun Shakes, disruption taking mental toll NZ Herald
3 Jun Bipolar Fry warns of suicide struggle NZ Herald
2 Jun Raising age limit ‘key to tackling youth drinking’ NZ Herald
1 June ‘Woefully deficient’ youth services NZ Herald
31 May Chch schools see rise in anti social behaviour NZ Herald
31 May Sweeping benefit changes ‘horrifying’ Stuff
27 May Mental health boost aims to cut welfare rolls NZ Herald
27 May Diversion reconsidered for autistic man NZPA
26 May Diversion hope for autistic looter NZPA
21 May ACC doctor drops action against woman The Dominion Post
18 May Don’t trust counsellor says sexually exploited patient The Dominion Post
18 May Outcry over plan to house mental health patients Star
18 May Paintings give insight into troubled mind RadioLive
17 May Counsellor’s sex sessions ruled ‘breach of trust’ The Dominion Post
17 May CYF missed ‘key signs’ in teen’s suicide The Press
16 May New pups help autism Waikato Times
16 May Found: The rogue gene that could make you prone to depression The Press
14 May Paintings give insight into troubled mind NZ Herald
14 May No hope on Hope St The Press
13 May Children of Chch addicts ‘suffer post-quake’ TVNZ
13 May Police target drinking culture The Press
11 May ‘Barbaric’ suicide pact charge Manawatu Standard
10 May Psychosocial consequences of the Canterbury earthquakes Scoop
10 May Disillusionment phase could last nine months NZPA
10 May Quake victims will need long term ‘professional help’ TVNZ
9 May Christchurch residents the most stressed The Press
7 May Quake’s impact on wellbeing studied The Press
6 May ACC doctor backs down on legal action NZ Herald
6 May Girls bullied teen into suicide NZ Herald
6 May Pokies use ‘tripled since quake’ The Press
5 May Drop-in centre latest style Otago Daily Times
4 May Earthquake cash goes on pokies Star Canterbury
4 May Man who ate his finger makes plea for help NZ Herald
1 May Why our kids are dying Sunday News
30 Apr Suicide: ‘Cancer of the millennium’ Taranaki Daily News
29 Apr Chief coroner promises farmers more detail on rural suicides RNZ
27 Apr Michael Douglas sticks up for wife who was ‘outed’ NZ Herald (see 14 Apr also)
27 Apr Some old folk isolated The Press
27 Apr Stress seen as risk to men’s health The Press
25 Apr Comments about Jax versus Jansen Kyle MacDonald’s blog
24 Apr Get your stress levels under control NZ Herald
23 Apr Optimism seen as cause for depression NZ Herald
22 Apr Health ministry’s million-dollar battle against families NZ Herald
22 Apr Abuser let into social work course Kapi-Mana News
21 Apr At-risk Canterbury families face stiff winter The Press
18 Apr Attempted murder accused mother ‘stressed’ The Press
17 Apr Mum charged with trying to gas kids Sunday News
17 Apr What leads gay, straight teens to attempt suicide? Research suggests similar social influences The Washington Post
16 Apr Police respond to jump in child abuse The Press
16 Apr Mentally impaired ‘warehoused’ in jail The West Australian
15 Apr Mums take suicide tour Waikato Times
15 Apr Abuse victim to countersue senior ACC employee 3news
15 Apr ACC doctor drops lawsuit against sex abuse victim Stuff. (See also Jax’s blog)
15 Apr Mother welcomes report on death of mentally ill son Nelson Mail
14 Apr Mental health services ‘failed’ patient found dead NZ Herald
14 Apr Mental health service ‘washed their hands’ of patient Stuff
14 Apr Funding cut a ‘huge blow’ to health sector Manawatu Standard
14 Apr Catherine Zeta Jones treated for Bipolar disorder NZ Herald (see 27 Apr also)
12 Apr Twitter chats aim to tackle rural suicide ABC News
11 Apr ‘Derision of gays made me suicidal’ NZ Herald
7 Apr Mental health sector offended by police comments TVNZ
6 Apr Crime increases in quake-refuge towns NZ Herald
6 Apr Care for staff mental health NZ Herald
6 Apr Bullying to become a crime in Australia NZ Herald
5 Apr Most working mums feel guilty: survey NZ Herald
4 Apr Lack of healthy food causes distress, study finds NZ Herald
3 Apr Beat the vicious cycle of stress NZ Herald
1 Apr Adolescents more at risk of death than children Stuff
31 Mar Call to tighten up on benefits Taranaki Daily News
29 Mar Looter says police beat him The Press
28 Mar Docs warn about Facebook use and teen depression NZ Herald
28 Mar Diversion possible for autistic looter The Press
27 Mar Fathers hit by baby blues, too NZ Herald
13 Mar A black eye for liberal bleaters – Michael Laws Viewpoint Sunday Star Times
10 Mar Workers’ mental injuries may be covered – ACC NZ Herald
9 Mar Police accused of beating autistic ‘face of looting’ NZPA
8 Mar Bail for accused looter with autism NZPA
1 Mar Male depression ‘set to increase’ BBC News
25 Feb Depressed? Pop a game, not a pill Stuff
22 Feb 12.51pm Magnitude 6.3 earthquake
20 Feb Doomed in the womb Stuff
4 Feb CDHB aims to reduce rate of ‘seclusions’ The Press
4 Feb Oversight ‘failed’ suicidal student Manawatu Standard
30 Jan Drug prescriptions shock mental health experts 3news
29 Jan New Zealand’s growing reliance on anti-psychotics 3news
21 Jan Mindfulness Meditation Training Changes Brain Structure in Eight Weeks ScienceDaily
19 Jan My job: Healing with creative expression NZ Herald
19 Jan Surgeons more suicidal than general public NZ Herald
19 Jan Secret probe of Hutt mental health services Stuff
18 Jan Do video games fuel mental health problems? Stuff
18 Jan Anger over ‘missing voice’ from suicide review Stuff
17 Jan Healthcare pilot offers training for parents NZ Herald
12 Jan DHB in gun again for mental health services The Dominion Post
11 Jan Prisons prepare for July 1 smoking ban The Press
11 Jan Suicide’s widow faked separation for help The Dominion Post
10 Jan Coroner recommends respite care review after man’s death NZPA
10 Jan Upset clients ‘dismayed’ by mental health closure The Southland Times


29 Dec Tips for a stress-free holiday season NZ Herald
2 Dec MP’s husband admits money saga NZ Herald
27 Nov Labour slams “198” decision Yahoo News
26 Nov People not on the dole by choice – report Yahoo News
25 Nov Trouble with the law and the mental health system The Dominion Post
21 Nov ‘Black dog’ sells for $155 on Trade Me Sunday Star Times
20 Nov Health board won’t release Shaun Skilling report The Press
20 Nov 11 possible patient suicides The Press
19 Nov Unsung Hero in Battle Against Psychopharmaceutical Industry Scoop
19 Nov Humiliated staffer paid thousands by mental health trust NZ Herald
18 Nov Next steps in improving mental health services Scoop
1 Nov Coroner says girl’s suicide “yet another tragic death” Yahoo News
22 Oct Mentally ill killer released on leave NZ Herald
12 Oct Family criticise health system The Nelson Mail
9 Sep Independent review of ACC needed Scoop
9 Sep ACC Minister continues to fail abuse victims Scoop
9 Sep Minister welcomes sensitive claims clinical review Scoop
8 Sep Sally Fisher: Education needed to help spot signs of mental illness NZ Herald
4 Sep 4.35am Magnitude 7.1 earthquake
30 Aug Huge gap in mental health services The Southland Times
29 Aug ACC adviser silent on links to sex abusers Sunday Star Times     IMPORTANT
28 Aug The ‘Triple S’ theory sleep, stress and sugar NZ Herald
25 Aug Key signals freer reporting on suicide The Press
25 Aug Key to explore suicide laws NZ Herald
25 Aug Govt defends ACC cutbacks for suicides NZ Herald
25 Aug Little support for families hit by suicide – mother NZ Herald
24 Aug ‘End conspiracy of silence on suicide’ NZ Herald
22 Aug Saving Lives Is More Important Than Saving Dollars Scoop
21 Aug Media hoping for easing of rules on reporting suicide The Press
21 Aug Support important in dark times The Press (Phil Snape)
21 Aug Smoking ban challenged by Hillmorton patients The Press
21 Aug Review for cut to free counselling The Press
20 Aug Funds cut for suicide bereaved The Press
20 Aug Girl held in custody despite concerns The Southland Times
19 Aug Depression can be danger to untreated elderly The Press
19 Aug Caring ‘wears wife down’ The Press
18 Aug Cultural connection can ‘protect’ Maori The Press
18 Aug Mother’s art skills now help youth The Press
17 Aug Little help specific to men – expert The Press
17 Aug Talk on suicide needed – mother The Press
16 Aug Hard for Asians to seek out help – Ethnic grouping of suicide table The Press
16 Aug Koreans face competitive pressures The Press
15 Aug Q+A’s Guyon Espiner Interviews The Prime Minister’s Science Adviser, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman Scoop
15 Aug Frontline Health Cuts Top 100 – Thousands Of Patients Miss Out On Services Scoop
14 Aug Parents back open debate about suicide The Press
14 Aug Youth suicide the deepest cut The Press
14 Aug Our hidden tragedy: Readers’ stories The Press
13 Aug Coroner at odds with ministry on suicide NZ Herald
13 Aug Woman pleads for openness on suicides The Marlborough Express
13 Aug Suicide report barriers ‘may hide problem’ The Timaru Herald
13 Aug Suicide rate lifts in jail The Press
13 Aug Dunne backs Chief Coroner’s approach on suicide Scoop
13 Aug Minister backs Coroner on suicide debate NZ Herald
13 Aug Death after 11 months awaiting trial The Press
13 Aug ACC about-turn for victims Taranaki Daily News
13 Aug Editorial: Suicide must not be swept under carpet NZ Herald
12 Aug NCWNZ welcomes ACC announcement but still cautious Scoop
12 Aug Suicides outnumber road deaths The Press
12 Aug Commission welcomes support for sex abuse victims Scoop
12 Aug Reversal of ACC funding cuts for sexual abuse victims welcome news, says Foundation Scoop
12 Aug Abuse funding angers The Nelson Mail
12 Aug Mum of suicide victim says law change needed NZ Herald
12 Aug Independent review of ACC changes needed Scoop
11 Aug Turia Welcomes Counselling For Abuse Victims Scoop
11 Aug Extra support for sexual abuse survivors Scoop
9 Aug Mental health groups respond to cuts The Nelson Mail
6 Aug John Kirwan’s depression programme proving a success NZ Herald
4 Aug Teen took own life after counsellor’s text message Yahoo News
2 Aug Mental illness in youth linked to poorer future Scoop
29 Jul Plea for someone to answer for death of inmate The Press
25 Jul New court to dish out treatment Sunday Star Times
25 Jul ACC blunder puts sex abuse file in wrong hands Sunday Star Times
14 Jul SSRIs Render Unfriendly Skies Scoop
14 Jul ‘Awol’ procedure criticised after psych patient death NZPA
12 Jul Mental Health Foundation supports new Kiwi film ‘The Insatiable Moon’ Scoop
1 Jul Psych patients angry at smoking ban 3news (Anne Scott) watch video.
30 Jun Psych hospitals to go smokefree in Canterbury 3news
27 Jun NFD Astonished At ACC $2b Surplus Scoop
27 Jun National Cuts Four Frontline Health Services A Month Scoop
26 Jun Trauma support under scrutiny Manawatu Standard
24 Jun ACC ‘efficiency’ plan called privatisation NZ Herald
24 Jun Can’t live without screens? You might have a problem NZ Herald
23 Jun Father pursues drug giant for teenage son’s suicide NZ Herald
23 Jun Asian health problems prompt plea The Press
23 Jun GPs uneasy over ACC’s changes The Press
21 Jun Mix it up this winter says Mental Health Foundation Scoop
20 Jun Switch on summer when you’re SAD NZ Herald
20 Jun Disabled woman found harnessed and alone NZ Herald
19 Jun The man behind the blanket The Dominion Post
19 Jun Apology for suicide at hospital The Press
19 Jun Coronor finds shortfalls in hospital psych care The Press
18 Jun ACC said rape pain not enough, alleged victim says NZ Herald
18 Jun ACC failing to help most sex abuse victims NZ Herald
17 Jun Book Review: Has Psychiatry Become Unhinged? Scoop
9 Jun Health fears force Govt rethink on Ritalin use NZ Herald
7 Jun Brave pill could combat soldiers’ fear NZ Herald
5 Jun Need for sleepovers ‘disturbing’ The Press
5 Jun The benefits of working NZ Herald
3 Jun Skills to fight suicide Nor-west News
2 Jun Smoking ‘doubles depression risk’ The Press (Fiona Howard quoted)
2 Jun Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness, part 1 Scoop part 2, part 3
1 Jun Services in jeopardy over funding cuts The Nelson Mail
31 May Go Potty Says Mental Health Foundation Scoop
30 May Foxconn Suicides: Companies Must Face Consequences Scoop
30 May Mentally ill turn to e-therapy The Age
30 May Slater’s wife says depression fuels blogger’s erratic behaviour 3news
29 May Dyson ‘shocked’ by nurse situation The Nelson Mail
28 May Ban on smoking upsets patients The Press (quotes Beth Nobes, PCT)
27 May Anti-suicide pledge at Apple factory AP
27 May Hospital staff sent home to save cash The Dominion Post
25 May Mental health funding cut The Marlborough Express
24 May ‘Inappropriate relationships’ at Wanganui mental health unit NZPA
24 May Boy’s death blamed on CYF errors The Dominion Post
19 May ‘Serious questions’ over some benefits Stuff
18 May Taser used to stop man harming himself NZPA
16 May Full-body restraints for cells NZ Herald
16 May Patient attacked at hospital NZ Herald
16 May Rape victim: ACC cut my lifeline Sunday Star Times
16 May Mental health jaunt to Ireland slammed Sunday Star Times
15 May Psychiatrist Calls Many Docs ‘Pill Pushers’ – Doctors Get Incentives to Prescribe, Not Talk WCVBTV Boston
12 May Mental Health Commission chair steps down Scoop
4 May Support agencies ‘near collapse’ Taranaki Daily News
4 May Social worker takes $55k from ill woman NZPA
30 Apr Project’s long-term aim to reduce suicide rates The Marlborough Express
29 Apr Smith’s spin allows rape victims to be misled Scoop
29 Apr Review of ACC’s sex abuse policy Taranaki Daily News
27 Apr Smith continues to mislead on sexual abuse Scoop
27 Apr “Anatomy of an Epidemic”: The hidden damage of psychiatric drugs Salon
27 Apr Denied help for sexual abuse, dead days later NZ Herald
26 Apr Victims go without treatment while National plays games Scoop
26 Apr Sensitive claims review announced Scoop
23 Apr ‘Overwhelmed’ woman sentenced for killing child NZ Herald
22 Apr Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers in the US – Part II Scoop
21 Apr Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers in the US – Part I Scoop
21 Apr Lake Alice recalled Auckland City Harbour News
20 Apr On Paula Bennett’s decidedly strange welfare panel Scoop
18 Apr Free help for inmate as victim’s family pay Sunday Star Times
17 Apr It’s time to move on, says Lake Alice child patient The Dominion Post
17 Apr Suicidal patient left to student The Dominion Post
14 Apr Youth health service under discussion The Press
14 Apr Fears mental health money is being siphoned off to other areas National Radio (podcast)
12 Apr Women’s respite home to close next month The Press
12 Apr Woman jailed for attacking carer Stuff
12 Apr Death in ‘mouldy’ Invercargill flat The Southland Times
7 Apr UC autism course a first for NZ UC News
6 Apr ‘Justice remains to be done’ over Lake Alice The Dominion Post
6 Apr ‘Justice remains to be done’ for abuse sufferers The Dominion Post
6 Apr Winz moves early to bring in tough stance on benefits NZ Herald
6 Apr Tougher stance concerns beneficiary advocates NZPA
5 Apr Budget rise for health tipped to lead to further cuts NZ Herald
1 Apr Clinicians reject Smith’s ACC abuse guidelines Scoop
31 Mar ‘Abused’ Lake Alice patient turns to UN The Dominion Post
30 Mar Lake Alice inquiry criticised Stuff
30 Mar Lake Alice abuse group to take case to UN NZPA
30 Mar UN to probe abuses at psychiatric hospital NZ Herald
30 Mar No charges over Lake Alice abuse allegations Stuff
29 Mar Paul Henry escapes complaint over ‘schizo’ comment NZ Herald
29 Mar BSA complaint over Henry’s ‘schizo’ call not upheld Yahoo News
29 Mar Plugging in to our emotions NZ Herald
29 Mar Shared patient record pushed NZ Herald
29 Mar More suicides feared if health funding cut The Dominion Post
28 Mar Billy silly but Joey’s a joke Sunday Star Times
27 Mar Titirangi retreat holding out for a lifeline NZ Herald
27 Mar Crush goes on care NZ Herald
27 Mar Mental health services under the knife in bid to save millions NZ Herald
26 Mar Elderly depression hidden – nurse The Press
25 Mar Mental health and addiction services facing crisis Scoop
25 Mar CDHB plans meeting on youth healthcare The Press
24 Mar How Like Minds makes the difference Scoop
23 Mar Health cuts ‘hitting the front line’ The Press
20 Mar Centre changed my life, says woman The Press
19 Mar Hundreds protest health centre closure ONE News
18 Mar Firefighter concealed past (mental) illness The Press
17 Mar ACC closure set in stone The Marlborough Express
17 Mar Health ministry cuts proposed as Govt talks up sinking lid NZ Herald
17 Mar Women barred from men’s health conference The Dominion Post
17 Mar Axe set to fall on staffing numbers at Health Ministry Stuff
17 Mar Eating-unit split ‘bad for patients’ The Press
17 Mar Preventing suicide job for mates Taranaki Daily News
16 Mar Southland and Otago DHBs Launch Revised Smokefree Policy Scoop
15 Mar Charities struggling for funds The Press
13 Mar Ryall deflects health centre funding queries The Press
13 Mar Editorial: Youth health centre too important to be allowed to go under The Press
12 Mar Grave Risk for Youth If 198 Health Centre Closes Scoop
12 Mar Teen campaign to save youth health centre 3news
12 Mar Youth will suffer – Bagshaw The Press
12 Mar CDHB on Closure of 198 Youth Health Centre Scoop
12 Mar Centre closure bad news for teens Scoop
11 Mar Christchurch’s 198 Youth Health Centre to close its doors as management
fails to implement directives from CDHB
11 Mar Mental Health Foundation deeply concerned about youth health centre closure Scoop
11 Mar ACC changes ‘lead victims to shun aid’ The Manawatu Standard
10 Mar Ardern: Ryall Can Save Christchurch Youth Health Service Voxy
10 Mar Christchurch’s 198 Youth Health Centre to Close (Press Release) Scoop
9 Mar Smith continues to hurt abuse victims, survivors Scoop
6 Mar Lack of funding forces youth health centre to close doors The Press
4 Mar Mensline championed by MP Yahoo News
4 Mar Men’s phone counselling service hits end of line NZ Herald
28 Feb Slaying: ‘We begged for help’
Sunday Star Times
27 Feb Residents upset by ‘nuthouse’ project The Dominion Post
26 Feb Outlook bleak for prisoners’ aid group The Dominion Post
26 Feb Mental health therapy group at risk The Nelson Mail
25 Feb Govt looks to settle historic abuse cases NZ Herald
18 Feb Schoolgirl death highlights suicide in NZ Newstalk ZB
18 Feb ACC abuse survivors ‘betrayed’ The Press
16 Feb Prisoner’s pleas for rehab ignored NZ Herald
9 Feb Suicide high in Northland Whangarei Leader
8 Feb Super-clinics plan in big health shake-up NZ Herald
5 Feb The DVD helping mentally ill minorities BBC News
21 Jan Struck-off psychologist discussed patient with ex Yahoo News
21 Jan Study finds vitamins boost mental health NZ Herald
20 Jan Patient at centre of Frankton death investigation Waikato Times
17 Jan Whatuira: I wanted to kill myself Sunday News
9 Jan ACC sexual abuse policy perturbs counsellors The Press
5 Jan GPs access to depression treatment ‘is too narrow’ BBC News
3 Jan Awareness of mental illness needed NZ Herald
2 Jan Little help for suicidal child – mum The Press
1 Jan Health worker stabbed in Nelson The Nelson Mail


30 Dec Grandparents blame custody failure for suicide The Dominion Post
29 Dec Kiwi youth unhealthy but help tenuous, says report The Press
29 Dec Coroner’s plea to save young people’s lives The Dominion Post
24 Dec Doctors honour Kirwan’s work to combat depression NZ Herald
17 Dec Suicide followed police safety assurances NZ Herald
16 Dec Sexual abuse survivors and ACC cutbacks Scoop
15 Dec Marriage is good but has downsides when it fails – study NZ Herald
14 Dec US Kids Represent Psychiatric Drug Goldmine Scoop
14 Dec Cell suicide brings call for legal help line NZ Herald
12 Dec Doctors face new challenge The Press
11 Dec ACC keeps door closed on boys Taranaki Daily News
11 Dec MPs to debate rights of mental health patients’ families NZ Herald
10 Dec Winnie Laban’s bill, the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Amendment Bill, was drawn from the ballot NZ Herald
10 Dec Breakthrough offers hope for phobic
6 Dec Calming techniques trialled NZ Herald
2 Dec Speech re ACC services to victims of sex crimes Scoop
30 Nov Stoics push up south’s suicide rate Southland Times
30 Nov Two dead after hospital errors Nelson Mail
18 Nov Rough road for mental health carers TVNZ
16 Nov GP clinics stash reserves of $115m Dominion Post
9 Nov Health funding sliced Taranaki Daily News
7 Nov Frontline health jobs for the chop Manawatu Standard
6 Nov Sexual abuse victims failed by ACC Minister Scoop
5 Nov Guilty plea in assault on nurse Manawatu Standard
5 Nov A sour taste to our porridge Dominion Post
5 Nov Hospital restrains man for six years NZ Herald
4 Nov ALRANZ Questions Study on Mental Health and Abortion Scoop
4 Nov Abortion link to mental illness NZ Herald
4 Nov Psychologist slammed over treatment of patient Yahoo News
3 Nov Bennett targets invalids benefit Stuff
31 Oct MP close to tears over stories of sexual abuse NZ Herald
30 Oct Shock therapy could return Taranaki Daily News
30 Oct Louise Nicholas at the Hunger Strike Rally YouTube video
30 Oct Eliana Darroch at Hunger Strike Rally YouTube video
29 Oct Two letters to the editor Southland Times
29 Oct ACC scraps ‘mentally ill’ tag for sex-abuse help NZ Herald
29 Oct Hunger Strike Day 3 YouTube video
28 Oct Hunger Strike Day 2 YouTube video
27 Oct Hunger Strike Day 1 YouTube video
27 Oct Review of ACC’s approach to sensitive claims Scoop
27 Oct Implementation of ACC guidelines should stop Scoop
24 Oct ACC changes will humiliate some Southland Times
22 Oct Rape counsellors out of ACC’s fast-tracks NZ Herald
22 Oct Mental health service ‘at risk’ Nelson Mail
20 Oct Abuse survivors march against tougher rules NZ Herald
19 Oct ACC cutbacks to counselling spark fight back Scoop
19 Oct Marches against changes to ACC seuxal abuse counselling Yahoo! 7 News
19 Oct ACC Cuts To Sexual Abuse Counselling Voxy
19 Oct Marches against changes to ACC sexual abuse counselling National Business Review
19 Oct Stop ACC Cuts march YouTube video
19 Oct Stop ACC cuts YouTube video
19 Oct ACC changes disgust abuse survivor Otago Daily Times
17 Oct Editorial: Don’t give up on victims of sex abuse NZ Herald
16 Oct Enhancing ACC support for sexual abuse survivors Scoop
15 Oct CYF picks up ACC counselling slack Taranaki Daily News
15 Oct Sexual abuse victims now victims of ACC cutbacks Scoop
13 Oct Is The Blood On ACC’s Hands? Voxy
13 Oct Suicide linked to new ACC rule NZ Herald
12 Oct ACC and sexual counselling Robert Winter’s Blog
8 Oct Closure of centres cause for concern The Press
3 Oct Tracey Barnett: Mental illness label will send sex abuse victims back to silent agony NZ Herald
30 Sep Solitary confinement rate high in Canterbury The Press
30 Sep Solitary confinement for acutely ill ‘needs to stop’ Dominion Post
29 Sep Victim: Sex-abuse rule will cost lives NZ Herald
28 Sep ACC counselling delays for sexual abuse victims are unacceptable Focus on ACC
28 Sep Pillay: ACC Counselling Delays For Sexual Abuse Victims Are Unacceptable Voxy
28 Sep Sexual abuse victims waiting too long for ACC counselling- Labour 3 News
24 Sep Concerns for ACC counselling for sexual abuse Focus on ACC
17 Sep Porirua Hospital patients allowed to sue Government Dominion Post
9 Sep Sex abuse counsellors battling ACC proposal NZ Herald
8 Sep Counsellor seen as ‘serious risk’ to public Stuff
6 Sep Teens death: Call for answers Sunday Star Times
2 Sep Mental health cuts planned Marlborough Express
2 Sep Mental health: a global challenge BBC World Service
1 Sep Twitter suicide prevention feed launched TVNZ
1 Sep Mental health funding on chopping block Nelson Mail
25 Aug Blow for health centre The Press
23 Aug Nicholas speaks out on changes to sensitive claims Stuff
3 Jul Concern grows over care plans The Press
9 May Health priorities changed Dominion Post
2 Apr Psychiatric unit smokefree policy linked to violence Stuff
24 Mar Henry Bennett stubs out smoking Waikato Times
20 Mar Stopping mentally ill people from smoking is cruel Sydney Morning Herald
19 Mar Tobacco ban leaves mental health groups fuming Sydney Morning Herald
18 Feb Trust helps right historic wrongs Dominion Post
15 Jan Rise of deaths in mental health care Stuff
15 Jan Health board surplus at $7.8m Nelson Mail
1 Jan Funding for disabled frozen Dominion Post
?? Jan Office of the Director of Mental Health – Annual Report 2007 contains seclusion statistics


1 Dec Study examines link between abortion and mental health Scoop
13 Nov Smokefree inpatient units urged Southland Times
10 Oct World Mental Health Day 2008: Attitudes are changing for the better Mental Health Foundation – Scoop
18 Aug Call to share services at 2 sites The Press
7 Aug Flaws at health funder revealed Dominion Post

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