First Meeting for 2016

Welcome back to 2016!

Our first meeting for the year is set for Monday 1st February from 12.30pm – If you would like to come along please do so! For more information send us an email or call 366 8288.

On the agenda this month:

Child Custody Research Project: Anne is giving an update about the research project now that phase one is finishing and we have heard back about funding and approval for phase two

Discussion: Ali and Julie will be talking about the Safe Haven Café recently set up as a crisis peer support space in Aldershot in England. The benefits have been huge with 33% decrease in A&E visits for mental health issues during café opening hours. Could something similar be done in Christchurch? How could Awareness support this?

Mad Poets Society: Kelly and Wendy will feedback on the final writers workshops and open mic night for the year, update on the future of the project, and announce of our new fundraising efforts to make it happen

Meeting with Toni Gutschlag: Wendy and Beth met with Toni last year and will share what was discussed, we have another meeting coming up in February and would love questions, topics and feedback to bring

Pharmaceutical meeting: Darryn is attending a meeting about pharmaceuticals and would like to take people’s feedback around issues and experiences with medications

Forums and Meetings topics: We have four forums and 10 more meetings this year, what kinds of presentations, discussions and topics would you like to see covered this year?

 Hope to see you there!