Forum – 16th February 2012

In a few weeks Awareness will be holding it’s first forum of the year with the Collaborative for research and training in youth health and development. Speakers at the forum will be discussing research with young people using mental health services and how services can support youth with experience of mental illness. This discussion will be of interest to people involved in research, support staff, service managers, consumers and young people and anyone is welcome to attend.

Date: Thursday 16th February 2012
Time: 12pm – 2pm
Location: Latnam House, 449 Colombo Street, entrance back door (off Battersea Street) (View map)

Kelly Pope: Young people’s experiences of transitions from youth mental health services

Undertaking a research internship for Korowai Youth Wellbeing Trust, student Kelly Pope chose to look into the experiences of young people leaving youth mental health services when they reach the service access cut-off of age 18.

Interest in this research topic stems from Kelly’s personal experience of using youth mental health services and working in the mental health field. She will be presenting the findings of the research including participants’ recommendations for service improvement.

Phil Snape & Mark Turner: Evaluating peer support in a youth mental health service

Peer Support, which involves people who have lived experience of mental illness providing support, has been shown to be beneficial to people experiencing psychosis.

With a gap in the research whether peer support is beneficial to young people, researcher Mark Turner and peer support worker Phil Snape, provided and evaluated a peer support program at early intervention for psychosis service Totara House.

Phil and Mark will be presenting on results of the support groups and feedback from those involved.

Afternoon tea will be provided