Unhappy Pills?

Unhappy Pills? – TV3 Sunday 7.30pm 4 December 2011.

Can anti-depressants cause people to kill themselves, or even kill others?

Melanie Reid talks to visiting Irish professor, David Healy, who claims that there is a very real risk of suicide from taking anti-depressants.

He says only one out of every ten people is helped by so-called “happy pills”, and he claims that pharmaceutical companies have hidden evidence about the effectiveness and risks associated with psychiatric drugs.

Reid finds out how Healy’s advice differs from the orthodox medical view in New Zealand, that these pills do more good than harm.

And she talks to a 17-year-old who is searching for answers following the death of his brother and mother? Could psychiatric drugs have contributed to his Mum taking the life of her 8 year old son before taking her own?

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